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My name is Will and I am 15 and live in Arlington, MA. I learned about birds three years ago from my 5th grade science teacher, Mr. Banister. I found out that the Blue-Footed Booby population had fallen 50% and decided to try and find a way to help. So my little brother Matty and I are selling blue socks to raise money for them.

When you buy a pair of our blue socks (the same color as the Blue-Footed Booby's feet) the profits will go towards helping the Blue-Footed Booby population. So please buy a pair!

Here is an interview we did on Fox 25 News! And here's an article about us by The National Audubon Society...


Learn about the Blue-Footed Booby

We get a lot of photos from our happy supporters. this is one of our favorites!

Happy Customers! Three Generations of this family have been to the Galapagos and have seen blue-footed Boobies. their first trip was in 1975. Thanks for wearing our socks!

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